Hello and welcome to my blog Vet In The Garden. I’m a British Army Veteran who loves gardening, and uses it to help with my Mental Health issues I have from serving my country.

My aim is to blog about my efforts to transform my Front and Back Gardens. All my ups and downs, highs and lows, and anything in between. I don’t know a great deal about gardening, but what I don’t know I search online and in the gardening books I have. I’ve been working on them for about 4 years now, and still they aren’t finished, but they are getting there.

Anyway enough of the babbling, “Welcome” and take a look around. I hope you find something useful!

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Seeds Sown Today

I decided to sow some seeds this afternoon as the rain has stopped and its quite mild. Now I believe that this weekend (Sat 17th-Sun 18th) the temperatures are set to drop, and we could be in for some more snow. I hope not. Continue reading

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Creating a Wildflower Meadow in the Garden Part 2

I said I would try to write another article about the wildflowers I love, so here it is. It contains 6 wildflowers this time, that I love and are beneficial to all kinds of insects.

Just thinking about it I don’t have a wildflower I don’t like. They are all pretty much beneficial to insects and birds, so I should write a huge article on EVERY wildflower that’s native to the UK! Now that would take some doing. Continue reading

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Making Grease Balls

With the weather set to make a turn for the worse and get colder, it might be a good time to think about the birds in your community, and are they getting enough to eat. It’s never easy in winter for the birds, so help them out by making your own grease balls this year instead of buying from the shops. Continue reading

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Creating a Wildflower Meadow in the Garden

If you are thinking about growing some sort of wildflower garden this year, then you are in good hands. I too am about to embark on my FIRST Wildflower Meadow Garden, both in the back and front gardens. But what should I plant? Continue reading

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Make your Own Organic Bug Spray

There are lots of things you can do to be frugal in the garden, and the following ideas for Organic Bug Sprays are a great organic way in which to rid your plants, herbs and veg of those pesky bugs. Oh and it’ll cost you little to nothing money wise! Continue reading

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Seeds I’m planting in 2018

I intend to sow quite a lot of seed this year, most of them are going to be beneficial to the wildlife around me, like Bees, Butterfly’s, Hoverfly’s, Ladybirds and other beneficial insects. As I start sowing, I intend to write short pieces for the blog which I hope will be of some use to anyone who reads them.

For those that are interested, here’s the list of seeds I’m sowing: Continue reading

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Honey Water Feeder for Bees and Other Beneficial Insects

I think we all know just how important bees are to our society. They pollinate just about everything we eat, and produce a marvellous substance that even the Egyptians loved to eat: Honey.

Sadly, our bees are in decline, thanks mainly to us taking away their natural environment, and the use of pesticides.

SO, what are we going to do about it? Continue reading

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