Hello and welcome to my blog Vet In The Garden. I’m a British Army Veteran who loves gardening, and uses it to help with my Mental Health issues I have from serving my country.

My aim is to blog about my efforts to transform my Front and Back Gardens. All my ups and downs, highs and lows, and anything in between. I don’t know a great deal about gardening, but what I don’t know I search online and in the gardening books I have. I’ve been working on them for about 4 years now, and still they aren’t finished, but they are getting there.

Anyway enough of the babbling, “Welcome” and take a look around. I hope you find something useful!


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Sowing Lavender Seeds

I have had some Lavender seeds for over 12 months and wanted to plant them and see if I can grow my own. Trouble was I had the;

‘I was always too busy, I forgot, or I’ll do it in a minute’

Well this morning I decided to sow them. I ran through my head what seed trays I had, but the few I had were being used. Then I remembered the plastic try I was about to throw out from last night’s tea. Continue reading

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In the Beginning, Man Had A Garden…

I moved to my current location around May 2013. I had been living in a 1 bed flat with my son, Mark and cat Cocoa. Thanks to some Military Organisations and New Charter, they moved me to my present home which I love to bits. Now we had more room to mess up and 2 gardens, a front and back.

Having Combat PTSD and other Mental Health issues including Anxiety meant I would struggle to design and make a front garden I wanted, but the back… Continue reading

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